About Us
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About Us


Simply Marketing is aptly named because everything we do in life is exactly that – simply marketing.

Whether that be a brand, a company, a product, a cause….or ourselves.


Even as leaders, we are marketing something. We provide a structure, policy, goal, insight or position that allows others to follow.

In its simplest form, it is a basic ecosystem for the opportunity to thrive.

The world is a fast moving machine of messages, devices and platforms.

There are still ideas yet to surface, and products yet to be developed.

It is a world of constant change with opportunities of innovation and growth.

Simply Marketing are a key stakeholder to our client’s businesses as they innovate and grow.

The question is, how can we help you and your business innovate and grow?

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Viv Grimston_Simply Marketing

Viv Grimston

Director | Project & Digital Marketing Manager

My passion is to help craft digital business ideas and execute those ideas for clients – whether they are ‘start-ups’ or well established businesses. Traditional marketing still plays a role in brand awareness and perception, so  execution on appropriate offline marketing is also brought into the stable of deliverables.


I have a broad range of executive experience, product development and start-up experience in the area of sales and marketing – both online and offline, within a corporate structure and small business environment.

I have worked with one of the top 50 global brands – WD-40, developed my own brands, manufacture my own products locally in Sydney and worked with many national and local companies; and a couple of companies in New Zealand.

The internet has become entrenched as a vehicle of transacting & research in the daily hub of the office environment. It has created new markets and business models before our very eyes. It has accelerated opportunities for local businesses to become national or global businesses. To that end, Simply Marketing is here to help those businesses who want to grow, and then possibly exit.

Liane_ Simply Marketing Team

Liane Cooper

Creative & Digital Marketing Manager

Liane has a background in design, business development, web development and marketing and has used all of these areas of business to establish and grow her own and other small to medium businesses online and offline.


She believes we only have seconds to capture our customers attention online. Our customers live fast paced lives with many distractions. They are looking online to solve their problems, indulge in their visual creativity all whilst living a productive lifestyle.

Combining her visual skills with her excellent marketing and branding skills – she helps clients capture and keep their online customer’s attention for longer.

Liane’s interior design information website The Design Library was named in the Top 5 Australian Interiors Blogs by the International Amara Interiors Awards #IBA2015

Alora_Simply Marketing

Alora Bradfield

Creative Copywriter & Social Media Guru

Alora is a creative wordsmith, digital marketer and social media virtuoso. She thrives on elevating our client’s brands through enchanting storytelling and attention getting visuals.

With a rich tapestry of experience, Alora excels in curating narratives that not only resonate but also establish a profound connection between brands and their audiences. Her forte lies in crafting the distinctive voice that defines each brand, infusing every piece of content with its unique mission statement.


Bernadette Meyers

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Bernie is a photographer/artist, and author of six books, including Art Equals Happiness. The beauty and wonder of creation are endlessly fascinating to her, and her passion is to make art that changes the atmosphere of the space in which it hangs.

Bernie is graphic artist with a keen attention to detail and colour palettes. She believe creative needs to ‘breathe’ aka leaving space around the messages or images, in order to get attention.


Have an idea? We’re here to help you navigate the road to launch and success.